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Your relationship wasn’t always perfect with Reislin, but sex was just amazing. After you two broke up, you can’t get those moments out of your head. Everything reminds you to the passionate time you spent together. The morning pleasure when she woke you up with her silky lips. Those naughty times you spent together under the shower. Not to mention those afternoon sex marathons that drained you so bad that you had to take a nap. One day all these may return – until then, you have to rely on your fantasies.
85419 - A day with Alexis Crystal - 6. min.
What makes a perfect girlfriend? A pretty face, a nice body and a fantastic personality, right? We have wonderful news: Alexis Crystal has it all. And she will be your loving girlfriend for today. If it isn't enough: Alexis is also very open-minded and has the naughtiest fantasy a girlfriend could (or should) have, so be ready to the adventures Alexis plans to surprise you with.
Everyone has her own secrets. Stepmom's secret that she fucks with the pool-guy, when daddy is away working. The daughter's secret that she loves when boys touch her body all over in the school...
Poker is a game for the bold but what is strip-poker with a sexy girl from next door? Well, it's surely damn hot. it's time to play your cards well and win the neigbor hottie's clothes and body.
Homecoming - 85137
Anice house, kids, great dishes, a beautiful wife...some of the things a soldier can only dream about on the battlefield. But when a soldier comes home after counting the days far from home, it's really greatto find his beautiful wife in the kitchen, almost the same way shewas when he left...There's a lot to talk about, but a young couplehave other needs beside that...and they won't think for a minuteabout how to satisfy them...
Blowjob Queens - 85956 (10-min.)
When you don’t have the mood to fuck but you are looking for some satisfaction, a blowjob is a real treat. And what a lucky coincidence, these ladies here are there and back for sucking a cock. So no pressure today, you don’t have to prove anything just lean back, choose among them and enjoy the oral joys coming in your way. What do you think? Up for it?
Sex Addict In Therapy - 85871 (10-min.)
We are human and not without flaws. You have your own... you are a sex addict. They say the first step to solve a problem is to recognize there is one. With that in mind you visit a therapist to share your stories and find a solution. But "unfortunately" she is smoking hot... and suddenly the therapy turns into yet another conquest.
The Camp - 85231
On a remote location, far from the noisy city, hidden in the middle of a huge forest, there is a disciplinary camp for women. It is a well-secured institution, and nobody leaves its walls until she served her time. Surrounded by guard, led by a heartless Warden, and trapped between walls, these women has no chance but to take the treatment they get.
A day with Abella Danger - 85332 - 6 min.
Now you can spend a whole precious day together with Abella Danger filled with sun-bathing, skinny dipping, a sweaty gym session, and before the end of the day you might meet her curvy blonde friend from college, AJ.
Trouble in Paradise - 86280 (10 min.)
Your relationship with your girlfriend, Nata, seems to rest on a stable foundation. Her love is unconditional and all is good. She is hot and a little nymphomaniac, so sex is not a problem either. But sharing your roof with two other girls, her friends, will unavoidably lead to issues. The constant temptation, the gossiping and all those sweet pussies will fuck things up in way or another… and then it is up to you to resolve the trouble in paradise.
How I met my girlfriend: Adriana Chechik & Abigail Mac - 85901 (6-min.)
Who said speed dating is outdated? Either you would never have imagined that you would meet a gorgeous woman like Adriana Chechik at an event like this. Live with the chance then, and manage to escape with Adriana to take her home. How will you act at this unexpected first date? How will you get to know her better? Can you make such a good impression on Adriana that she would even want you fuck her in the ass on the first date already? Let's not forget about your hot and eager ex-girlfriend, Abigail Mac either, who is determined to get you back... But what will Adriana say? Get ready because if you're man enough, you can be that lucky dude who fucks his insanely hot current girlfriend and his gorgeous ex-girlfriend at the same time in a threesome.
A good day turns bad for two beautiful girls, when they walk into a trap while visiting a rental they found in an advertisement. The landlord and his friend are ready to give them a naughty surprise..
Chat For Love - 85310
Chat for Love is one of the most popular online chat and dating service nowadays, a real paradise for those who wants to meet new people, or find a partner. But over the years it became the hive for swingers and sex-adventurers, a place to meet strangers and seduce them into their bed. You are one of the best, so why don't you capitalize your skill to get laid as many times as possible?
Your Fuck Buddy: Wendy Moon - 85530 (6-min.)
Your sweet fuck buddy, Wendy Moon is one cock-crazy, cum-addict minx who has a lot in her kinky mind. And since she is not one for commitment, having you as a fuck buddy is more than a hobby for her - it is a lifestyle. So don't be surprised when she drags you over to involve you in her dirty little sex-games. The question: are you able to keep up with her?
The Male Escort - 85334
Being a male escort is a demanding job. Thankfully, all of your clients are sexy and horny, which makes your job pleasurable. Here's your chance to prove your manliness as one of the most popular male escorts. Do you have the stamina to please all the ladies? What will your girlfriend say if she finds out about your job? Start playing and make the right moves!
Bizarre dorm - 85022
It is always exciting to move into a new rental and get to know the other tenants, but things get even more exciting if your roommates are kinky, sex-hungry sluts craving for your attention.
Room Number 307 - 85010
Ever wondered what goes on behind the closed doors of hotel rooms? Room service guys might know more than you think! Why don't you be one for a day?
Say Yes! - 85284
Life has so much to offer if you're willing to step out of your comfort zone to notice and seize the opportunities around you. Stop searching for excuses and start living now...in the highest sense of the word. The recipe is as simple as the alphabet: change all your NOs to YESes, and enjoy the naughty benefits.
Office Affairs - 85227
When work ethics get neglected, when sexual blackmailing becomes a valid tool, when colleagues step over the usual office relations and turn to be sexpartners, it is almost certain that scandal will explode. Let's peek into the naughty office affairs together!
Home remedies that work - 85053
Is she feeling under the weather? Maybe it's her tonsils... Luckily, the helpful boyfriend is there, with the sure fire home remedies that actually work. Is it the thermometer or his cock that would help her to get better...? Try them both, and see how Prensley recovers... or gets turned on so much that she's temped for hot ass-fuck?!
Pizza with extras - 85015
Imagine the scenario: you're the pizza guy and get repeated calls from that busty blonde chick... She can't eat that much pizza, so let's suspect that she wants something else for her money. Make sure to flirt with her the next time she's asking for you and your pizza - what she might have in mind is sex!
Sneak In, Sneak Out - 85840 (10-min.)
Sneaking in to an empty house to fuck your girlfriend is an exciting idea... finding a corpse there is a totally different business. It would be wise to leave the whole thing be but you are not wired like that.,, and thus a nasty adventure begins with lot of danger and sex. Will you find out the truth about the events in that house ? Or will you be blinded by the promise of pussy? The choice is yours.
Is she feeling under the weather? Luckily, the helpful boyfriend is there, with the surefire home remedies that actually work. Is it the thermometer or his cock that would help her to get better...?
Alice was a naughty girl, spending step-daddy's money on shoes and clothes. When step-dad learns about this, he punishes the little girl with his big cock and teaches the slutty teen about submission.
House in the Woods - 85070
The Brute of the Forest, the Monster of the Grove...you are to capture unsuspecting tourists and play your perverted games with helpless chicks who enter your territory. Life your most bizarre dreams!
85418 - The Boss - 6-min.
You weren't born yesterday. You're a businessman - a quite good one. All your men call you "Boss". You run your business internationally, you transport... "things". It doesn't matter what. There's no need to mention that. Your transporters can get any job done: destinations and distance do not cause a problem. You hire super hot girls. They are your transporters. Dozens of "Franceskas". And one "Rachele". Only one. Once they get involved, they can never leave the business, neither you. That's the golden rule.
Chat For Love - 85310
Chat for Love is one of the most popular online chat and dating service nowadays, a real paradise for those who wants to meet new people, or find a partner. But over the years it became the hive for swingers and sex-adventurers, a place to meet strangers and seduce them into their bed. You are one of the best, so why don't you capitalize your skill to get laid as many times as possible?
Private eye investigates - 85210
A porn star bares it all in her all-revealing autobiography - in return, she receives life-threatening letters. Time to hire a private eye who would track down the stalker... or so she thinks. But she shouldn't have hired the best in town, as the outcome of the investigation is a pretty surprising one.
Jessa Rhodes' Biggest Fan - 85468 (6-min.)
The title speaks for itself: your challenge now is to become the gorgeous pornstar's, Jessa Rhodes' biggest fan! It can't be hard to accomplish... Meet Jessa in a night club where she works as a stripper, and enjoy her private show in the VIP room. Later on, as Jessa's huge fan and good friend, pay her a visit at her home, make her laugh, then help her shoot a hot scene for her website... If you're man enough you can achieve to take it to the next level: change your role and become Jessa's lucky boyfriend besides being her biggest fan.
My New Neighbor - 85218
Like every good new neighbors should, Cameron Dee takes a plateful of muffins and walks over next door to introduce herself and maybe chat a bit. After all, a good relationship with the neighbors is very important. What she never thought that this relationship gets a bit more intimate than a friendly chat
Thief In The House - 85075
When Omar broke into Roxy's home to steal some jewelry, he probably couldn't imagine things will turn into such an awkward direction. Well, a tight girly asshole gets higher priority than the jewelry!
Natural Born Rockstars - 85240
After years of waiting Black Soul has finally released its first live show movie. It also has an extras disc interviews with the band members on it. They talk about all the exciting details of their lifestyle but the editor had to cut out lots of stories... Stories that couldn't have made it to the final release... for obvious reasons. Wherever these guys are - even on an absolutely average day - they always end up banging hot chicks... just like a natural born rockstar. Now you can watch this X-RATED material never before released to the public.
French connection - 85071
A true gentleman never leaves a lady a distress. When the lovely French tourist loses her way in the big, foreign city, our hero is quick to offer his guiding hand, his home, and his...dick!
It is not a daily routine to have a stunning brunette at your door, begging you to let her stay. This lucky guy has the chance to help her hide from her pursuers. But what is she up to?
Fitness Junkies - 85265
The super fit & super hot Alexa Thomas arrives to the Fitness Paradise to meet the gym's owner. She dreams big: she wants to earn the gym's lead trainer's position. She doesn't know it yet that Fitness Paradise has an evil goddess: Kayla Green, the current senior trainer who would do anything to keep her position. The gym's young and naughty guests might help Kayla in her mission. But will anybody be Alexa's partner in crime? Let's find it out!
Your Hot New Neighbors - 85256
As a freshly divorced young man you try to start again. However, after the disappointment your cheating whore wife left behind, you do not really consider settling down again... Your hot new neighbors absolutely support this idea. Meet Ani Black Fox, the also freshly divorced MILF, and her innocent-looking daughter, Kira Thorn, who can be your new babysitter, or a gorgeous fuck buddy for lonely afternoons.
The High School Principal - 85526 (6-min.)
A principal, a private teacher, a boyfriend and a human being... these are the roles you have to juggle with, proving that you are similarly good in everything. And what is the challenge in that? Well, you have to show all of your faces on a single, busy day. Your student expects attention to tackle her exam successfully. Your girlfriends wants your big cock every morning. And your masseuse, the one who stood by your side in need, always ready to give you relief... today she wants you to return the favor. But how will you please them all? Are you man enough for the challenge?
Double anal games - 85061
Isabella Clark aims no lower than to be the queen of anal sex and damn, she is on the right path to achieve that. Double anal, huge toys, fists, or two juicy cocks are all game,as you'll find out soon
The Magic Lamp - 85269
Wouldn't it be great if all wishes could come true? Wealth, fame, power, romance, erotica are all within arm's reach when you have a powerful genie by your side and all you have to do is ask for them. But does it have any consequences? Do free achievements give unlimited satisfaction or does easy success bear bitter fruits?
Naughty College: Venetian Affairs - 85314
Naughty College's talented and experienced professor, Mr. Banderas visits Venice - the city of passion and lust - to provide the institute's beautiful, pretty and quite horny students special classical art courses. The professor takes extra advantage of the opportunity: he gladly checks all the girls' skills himself, and trains them to be the best in every kind of arts... and sexual activities as well.
Having Fun With Gina Valentina - 85665 (6-min.)
Passionate, eager and likes cocks in all sizes and color, She is a stripper, a lover and a slut if she has to be... in the best possible meaning of the word. She is Gina Valentina and she will be yours and only yours... so be a man and make the girl happy. If we are not wrong about Gina, she will be very grateful for your kindness.